Dogs in a Park, if you like dogs and embroidery...

We walk in our local park at least once a week and some of the dogs and their owners have become familiar to us, if only by sight. It was just a matter of time before I embroidered them.


There's the border collie who runs up and down alongside his walkers, crouching with frisbee in mouth, waiting for a throw, which comes when they hit the big open field. I love watching him at full speed, racing low to the ground, and the effortlessly graceful way he jumps and catches that frisbee every time. 

The English bulldog makes me laugh, with his snuffling heavy breathing. I can almost see him rolling his eyes and sighing as his owners cajole him around the park when he'd probably rather be snoozing.

The French bulldogs are a bit more sprightly and inquisitive, with their scrunched-up faces. And the Scottie dogs will always be among my favourites with that distinctive shape and those long "eyebrows" - there are a few that trot around on their short little legs.

We often end up grabbing a bench near or en route to the dog park for a bit, to enjoy the outdoors and watch the antics. This is the view from the bench under the oak tree:


Dogs in a Park is similar in style to Birds on a Wire, Cats on a Wall and Succulents on a Sill. And it can easily be split up into individual dogs as well.

The PDF pattern is available on Etsy and Craftsy.