Embroidery Ideas

Embroidery Ideas

Editorial commissions

I’ve worked full-time and as a freelancer in various creative roles in advertising, media and publishing for about 18 years now, combining these skills with my passion for needlework to create a growing pattern design business. As such, I'm intimately familiar with the  editorial process when it comes to following a brief, the practical aspects of writing and putting together samples for photography, and sticking to a schedule.

I have been creating editorial content for magazines with a focus on needlecraft and creativity since 2009, authored and contributed to books on stitching and embroidery, and designed a range of kits with a US publisher.

My work includes and has been featured in:

120 Embroidery Stitches (ebook)
Embroidery Tips, Tricks & Techniques (ebook)
Embroidery Designs range of kits (Quarto, US)
Embroidered Home (Kyle Books, UK)
Kindred Stitches magazine - Home Sweet issue 40Red and White issue 36 (Australia)
Stitch It Yourself by Petra Harms (Droemer Knaur, Germany)
Ideas magazine (South Africa)
Standalone hand embroidery supplement for Ideas magazine (South Africa)
Inspirations magazine (Australia)
Stitch! The Complete Guide to Handstitching & Embellishing Techniques by Margaret Rowan (UK)
British Patchwork & Quilting magazine (UK)

I can design original embroidery patterns and create stitched samples for your book, magazine, kit or other editorial project. If you’d like to chat about your idea or any other project involving needle and thread, please get in touch on kellyfletcherdesigns@gmail.com.


“We were just talking about how rare it is that you have someone who can design well and has great stitch technique – your work is certainly up there." – Anna Scott, embroidery designer and former editor of Inspirations magazine, Australia

“It was such a pleasure working with you – great projects, on deadline, clean copy and and and…” – Terena le Roux, editor of Ideas magazine, South Africa

"You work so neatly!" – Dala Watts, creative director of Ideas magazine, South Africa

"It's been a pleasure working with you on another one of these beautiful kits! Your work is lovely, and you're such a pro." – Leah Jenness, freelance editor for becker&mayer! (Quarto), United States

"Thank you for the high quality of material that you supplied us, it is always a joy to work with such a professional! Your work is exquisite." – Lenna Green, co-creator of Kindred Stitches magazine, Australia

“Love this designer! In my opinion Kelly Fletcher is the best contemporary designer.” – Paula Marcondes (RIP), embroidery teacher, Sao Paulo, Brazil