4 ways to gift a PDF pattern + printable embroidered gift tags

Patterns are ideal gifts for embroiderers, but PDFs aren’t the most obviously giftable items. They can be, though.

Here are four ways to wrap printed PDF patterns to make a thoughtful gift for embroidery friends and family members a good-looking one, too. You'll have to forward this post to potential gift givers if you're the embroiderer, or just enjoy making the embroidered gift tags.

1.    Get creative with a simple white envelope

Print your PDF pattern purchase and seal it in a white envelope. Then get creative with cord, braid, string, lace, washi tape… whatever you have to hand. I dug into my haberdashery box, but anything that can be tied around the envelope, stuck to it or used to draw on it can be used as decoration. Add a tag to the string before you knot it or stick one to the front of the envelope.

2.    Roll up a pattern as a stocking filler

Cut a strip of paper – plain, patterned or to match your wrapping paper. Print your PDF pattern and roll it up fairly tightly so you have a long, thin tube that'll slide easily into a Christmas stocking. Wrap the strip of paper around the rolled up pattern and secure it with a piece of cellotape to help the tube keep its shape. Cut a rectangle of wrapping paper and wrap it around the rolled up pattern; push the excess at either end inside the pattern tube and tie a piece of cord, thread, braid or whatever you’ve chosen around the tube to hold it closed. Thread a tag on to the string before you knot it. 

3.    Add threads and wrap as a Christmas cracker

Roll your printed PDF pattern up and use a strip of paper and a piece of cellotape to hold it in place; it should be about the same circumference as a Christmas cracker. Place skeins of embroidery thread (check the pattern for which colours are required) inside the rolled up pattern. Cut a rectangle of wrapping paper and roll the pattern up inside it. Then scrunch the ends closed and tie with braid so the gift resembles a cracker. Either thread a tag on to the braid at one end before tying it or attach one to the centre of the "cracker". 

4.    Create a kit with fabric, threads, needles and a hoop

Look for a flat box – preferably one big enough that you only have to fold the pattern once, if at all. Place the printed PDF pattern in the bottom of the box and add a piece of fabric, skeins of thread, needles and an embroidery hoop. Check the pattern requirements for the type and size of fabric, thread colours and needle requirements. A four or five-inch embroidery hoop is a good option. The nice thing about making a kit out of a PDF pattern is that the recipient can start on the project right away. 

The gift tags are available to download as a printable in four different colourways – green, red, yellow and B&W – with the option to add the embroidery or leave the tags plain. The download includes instructions for the embroidery.