Coastal embroidery: Jellyfish and a collection of seashells

Two more detailed and delicate ocean-themed designs that are perfect for beach lovers and homes with a coastal feel.


Like Shoal, Shells and Jellyfish can be split up into individual designs or embroidered as is for framing in hoops – although they make a nice statement as a trio.

The jellyfish are embroidered in really light thread colours, to give a sense of translucence. But they’d be fun embroidered in glow-in-the-dark thread too, reminiscent of the luminously lit up tanks you sometimes see them in at aquariums. A variety of stitches and stitch densities capture the etherealness of their tentacles and gives them a sense of movement. 

The shells range from pearlescent to bold in colour, and also use a number of stitches to add detail. This pattern in particular could be easily enlarged, for embroidering individual shells.

The three ocean-themed embroidery patterns are available as individual PDF patterns or as a trio of Sea Hoops at a reduced, bundled rate. You can download them instantly from my Etsy shop