Little Samplers, for learning embroidery and new stitches

These Little Samplers are designed to help you learn embroidery and new stitches. Smaller designs are easy to finish and so you get to experience that feeling of satisfaction at having completed a design fairly quickly, which is what keeps us inspired and wanting to do more, wanting to move on to another project.


There are eight embroidery designs with three or four stitches in each, so nothing too overwhelming. And in the true sense of an embroidery sampler, they’re a good way to learn new stitches or use as practice pieces if you’re already up to scratch.


If you’re completely new to hand embroidery, take a look at Embroidery Basics. It’s a six-part series that takes you step-by-step through the basics of how to do creative surface embroidery. It’s for beginners as well as those looking to refresh their hand embroidery skills and knowledge, and includes video tutorials. You’ll find more detailed information on how to do this style of embroidery, as well as tips and tricks that make embroidery easier and more enjoyable to do, in Embroidery Tips, Tricks & Techniques.

Once you’ve mastered the stitches in the eight Little Sampler patterns, move on to 120 Embroidery Stitches, my ebook of hand embroidery stitches. It comes in PDF format, which is convenient for storing on your phone or tablet for stitching on the go or when you’re travelling and on holiday. And because it’s a high-quality PDF, you can also print it out and bind it into a traditional book if you prefer.

120 Embroidery Stitches contains all the stitches used in my designs, so it’s useful if you want to move on to bigger or more involved embroidery patterns. There are also eight more Patch Samplers that accompany the book, one for each stitch family. And you can get these samplers, plus both ebooks at a bundled rate.

Each of the eight Little Samplers is available individually. They also come bundled into the four 3-stitch designs and four 4-stitch designs as patterns that are available at a lower rate:

All of the above, plus a bunch more embroidery patterns, are available from my Etsy shop. Happy stitching!