Anatomical Crab, plus new pattern bundles

A clawed crustacean is the latest design in the growing range of Anatomical creatures available for you to embroider.


Anatomical Crab is in the familiar style of my other Anatomical designs, with a lifelike shell and claws embroidered using a number of different stitches. It brings the number of creatures now available to eight, alongside eight Anatomical insect patterns.

Although worked in what are instantly recognisable as crab colours, there was a temptation to make this design a blue crab. Less common, it’s nonetheless a nice idea for an alternative colourway.

In addition to being available as an individual PDF pattern, Anatomical Crab is available with three other recent Anatomical designs – a snail, a flying fish and seahorses – as Anatomical Creatures II, as well as bundled into an Anatomical Sea Creatures pattern with the seahorses, lobster, flying fish and turtle. I’ve also updated the original Anatomical Creatures pattern, which includes a bat, frog, lobster and turtle.

The PDF patterns are all available as instant downloads from Etsy, with the bundled patterns priced at a lower rate:

And if you’d like to have a go at making the origami crab in the photo, follow this video tutorial by Craftygami.