Veg Box I, a collection of embroidered vegetables

There’s something about getting a box of fresh produce delivered to your door. Aside from supporting local farmers and eating in season, there’s an element of surprise to it (even if you picked the contents beforehand) and anyone who doesn’t enjoy getting a delivery, well…


These are the first of what I hope will be many more embroidered vegetables – I can already see them on tea towels and kitchen walls. They actually make good embroidery samplers and beginner projects, too, with just a few different stitches in each design.

The PDF patterns are available individually as instant downloads from Etsy:

There’s also a bundled pattern with all five designs in one at a reduced rate, called Veg Box I.


Each pattern also includes two different sized printable recipe cards – one 4x6 inch card and another 5x7 inches – with 10 cards featuring five different veggie designs in the bundled pattern. These are standard recipe box sizes, but you can easily resize them to suit your needs when printing them out.