Anatomical Seahorses, an elegant touch of the ocean

I’m back on the Anatomical designs, this time with two tiny creatures from the deep.

It took a while to come up with the right colours for Anatomical Seahorses, as they can be muted and monotone in real life. But you do get yellowy sort of seahorses and I took a few liberties from there.

They didn’t take at all long to stitch and I love how delicately the eyes turned out.

There are two seahorses in this design because they’re quite long and thin, and this way there’s also one with its tail curled up and one with it hanging down, as you see them in nature (or at an aquarium, where I got to observe some Knysna Seahorses up close a few months ago).

I can already see these adding an elegant touch of the ocean to wall displays, tea towels and items for kids. The PDF pattern is available as an instance download from my Etsy shop.

Note: Bluprint is making changes and as a result, I’m not able to upload any new patterns to my Bluprint shop for now.