Heart embroidery sampler, for learning and practice

The ancient Greeks acknowledged several types of love, from romantic to friendship, familial and self-love – something to think about while stitching a heart-shaped embroidery sampler.

Incorporating more than 20 different surface embroidery stitches, Heart Sampler is designed for learning new stitches and practising those you already know – have you embroidered pinwheels before? It shows you how to switch colours halfway through a row, which is handy to know. And it stitches up quickly, making it a good weekend embroidery project.

The pattern includes a mini hoop design, using Dandelyne’s 55mm (2.2”) necklace kit. And while the sampler is embroidered in fresh, cool colours, the mini hoop design is stitched in warmer reds and pinks, giving you a sense of how the larger design might look if you choose to go that route with your thread colours.

There are also some printables included with the pattern – a greeting card, three gift tags and a pillow gift box that fits the mini hoop necklace – in two different colourways, so you can use them any time of year.

Heart Sampler is available as a digital PDF pattern that can be downloaded instantly from my Etsy shop. It’s also available as a bundle with 120 Embroidery Stitches, if you’re a beginner or unfamiliar with the variety of stitches used in this style of embroidery.

Note: Bluprint is making changes and as a result, I’m not able to upload any new patterns to my Bluprint shop for now.