Botanical hoop art, four embroidered house plants

Multifaceted containers feature in all four of the designs that make up my new House Plants range of botanical hoop art designs.

There are three small herb pots, two hanging planters, a terrarium and a pot plant in the House Plants range, with herbs, pot plants and succulents in various shades of green tied together by similar-coloured, multifaceted containers. They’re a low-maintenance way to add some greenery to your own home and would make a lovely, personal housewarming gift as well.


The embroidery designs are deceptively simple as they contain quite a bit of detail, using a nice variety of stitches to create foliage and texture.

There are four individual patterns in the range, plus a bundled pattern containing all four designs:

The links above take you to my Etsy shop, but they’re also available from my Craftsy shop.

The designs fit into 8-inch hoops to embroider as individual designs or as a collection of botanical hoop art.