Easy, breezy butterflies

I loved Henri Charrière’s novel, Papillon. So when I made the decision to let go of most of my books a few years ago, this was one of the few printed copies that I kept. Charrière had a butterfly tattooed on his chest, earning him the nickname Papillon. And his story sprang to mind when I was thinking about what to call this collection.


The six butterflies that make up the Papillon range are not new designs, I did them a few years ago. With spring coming to the northern hemisphere, I thought it a good time to re-release them. There are smaller, individual patterns for a quicker stitch and then I’ve bundled them all into one pattern for bigger projects, where you get six for roughly the price of four – I'm thinking mixed with designs from my Wild Nature and Anatomical Insects ranges to create bigger embroidered panels or quilts.

The patterns are suitable for all skill levels, from beginner stitchers who want to learn and practise, to more advanced embroiderers looking for a quick project. They're also all available on Craftsy.

There are some interesting stitches and stitch ideas in the designs. A double row of two different stitches not often paired creates a nice, strong outline and small, tufted circles add texture. There are some not too common variations on chain stitch, a bit of mark making or patterning using stitches and a colour switch halfway through a row of embroidery that works well to get two colours to flow seamlessly into each other.

The Papillon butterflies are quick and easy to embroider, in a fun selection of bright and breezy colours.