Two new fruit patterns, a strawberry and a peach

First up, Happy New Year! Here in South Africa, 2018 has kicked off with a heatwave, making fruit salad and ice cream count as a meal. So it's apt to start the embroidery year with two new fruit patterns - a strawberry and a peach.


The idea came about towards the end of last year, though, when I started making fruit smoothies using big yellow cling peaches. After cutting up so many peaches, it was only natural to want to embroider one! A strawberry came next, and there are three more fruits in the works.

I stuck with the size, look and feel of my previous fruit patterns - Axed Fig, Apple Slice, Cleaver Pear, Hatchet Orange and Lemon Split - so they all go together and can be mixed and matched. They're friendly on January pockets, too.

I bought some of DMC's new thread colours in December and was able to use two of them in the peach design. So nice having new colours to work with.

Strawberry Slash is available on Etsy and Craftsy, and Lacerated Peach is also available on Etsy and Craftsy.