Mock Whitework

It's whitework, just reimagined and in colour. So not technically whitework, but inspired by it.


Traditional whitework incorporates quite a few different types of embroidery, from Mountmellick to Hardanger to Broderie Anglaise. They're very traditional types of embroidery and you can find out more about the various techniques from the Royal School of Needlework, The Spruce and a slew of articles on Needle n Thread

I've taken extreme creative licence in designing a pattern with the feel of whitework, but using creative surface embroidery stitches.

A quick google image search and you'll see the similarities and inspiration, from the stitched squares of Hardanger to Mountmellick stitch (learnt from Yvette Stanton's book on Mountmellick embroidery), knots and other stitches used in this particular style of whitework to the "grids" found in drawn thread embroidery.  

And then I added colour to keep the pattern fun to stitch and add interest to the design. 

Mock Whitework is the first in the Mock range and the PDF pattern is available on Etsy and Craftsy.