120 embroidery stitches and eight samplers

Update: September 2018

120 Embroidery Stitches has a fresh new cover to go with my latest ebook, Embroidery Tips, Tricks & Techniques.


It's done! I finally finished collating, writing and illustrating instructions for every stitch I've ever used in a design and put them all into an ebook. 

Turns out I've used 120 hand embroidery stitches in various designs for books, kits, magazine projects and PDF patterns up to this point, a handy number for a book title. Turns out there are also often many different names for the same stitch and many different variations on a single stitch, so I'm hoping this helps eliminate any confusion any of you may have had over which stitch to use. The stitches are named as I know and use them in my designs, with all the alternative names I've come across listed underneath. 

The stitches are grouped into eight families, based on how the stitch is done. So stem stitch falls into the chapter on back stitches, because of the way you do it. It's a logical way to group stitches (to me, anyway) and you can progress through each chapter, often adding to a previous stitch or stitching technique to learn the next. 

To make it even easier to master the various stitches, I've come up with eight samplers to get to grips with some of the more commonly used (and a few not so commonly used) stitches from each chapter. They're fun, inspired by traditional embroidered patches.

The ebook and samplers are available in four different packages: 

The single pattern with all eight samplers does not include stitch instructions, as this would basically be a repeat of the book. But the standalone patterns do include stitch instructions, so you can use them to teach yourself embroidery if you're a beginner or looking for new stitches.

The book came about as an accompaniment to my patterns but stands on its own as a straightforward stitch guide too, whether you're looking to learn the basics, add to your stitch arsenal or give your #1yearofstitches project an injection of inspiration.