A flurry of snowflakes in mini hoops

I had these mini embroidery hoops stashed in a drawer for absolute ages, with the idea to use them to make snowflake Christmas ornaments. But obviously I had to wait for Christmas to come around before I could use them! With the festive season just around the corner, it was finally time to bring the idea to life. 


The pattern is made up of tiny, small, medium and large snowflakes. The tiny and small ones fit perfectly into Dandelyne's mini hoops and the large snowflakes work well for 4" (10cm) embroidery hoops - I went with wooden ones. The tiny, hand-carved hoops are unfortunately no longer available.

You will need a decent size tree if you plan to use the 4" ones for that, as they make quite a statement. But thread any of the hoops on to a loop of cord or silvery thread and they're ready to hang wherever you'd like to spread some festive cheer. 

They also make a nice stocking filler. I've been including a hanging decoration in each of my family's stockings for the past few years as a (sometimes) handmade reminder at the end of every year of that particular Christmas.


The pattern features a complete design made up of 31 snowflakes, which you can embroider as the centrepiece of a Christmas quilt, table runner, nativity display or Santa bag. There are loads of other options, I'm sure. And then it gives the individual snowflakes as well, grouped by size.

I've gone with shades of blue, white and a silvery grey, but the thread colours can be easily swopped to suit any colour scheme. And you could add a bit of sparkle by using metallic threads, too.

The symmetrical snowflakes are really fun to embroider, quick and easy. And the pattern includes step-by-step photo instructions for assembling the hoops.

If you're in the mood for a white Christmas this year, Snowflakes is available on Etsy and Craftsy