Letterpress, the embroidered version

Letterpress, an embroidered alphabet inspired by old letterpress letters, is finally here.

Months in the making, this turned into rather a challenging design to embroider - a balancing act between colour and weighting.

I wanted to use bold, quite deep colours and limited the palette to just six thread colours. This meant quite a bit of chopping and changing as I stitched, to keep the colour distribution even.

The other aspect that made it tricky was weighting. The idea was to fill or part-fill quite a few of the letters to add substance to the design and bring in some new stitch ideas, but I had to be careful not to allow the overall design to appear lopsided. It became a case of evenly distributing the more "solid" letters among the more "open" letters and colour played a big part in this, too.

The pattern is available on Etsy and Craftsy