Anatomical Crab, plus new pattern bundles

A clawed crustacean is the latest design in the growing range of Anatomical creatures available for you to embroider.


Anatomical Crab is in the familiar style of my other Anatomical designs, with a lifelike shell and claws embroidered using a number of different stitches. It brings the number of creatures now available to eight, alongside eight Anatomical insect patterns.

Although worked in what are instantly recognisable as crab colours, there was a temptation to make this design a blue crab. Less common, it’s nonetheless a nice idea for an alternative colourway.

In addition to being available as an individual PDF pattern, Anatomical Crab is available with three other recent Anatomical designs – a snail, a flying fish and seahorses – as Anatomical Creatures II, as well as bundled into an Anatomical Sea Creatures pattern with the seahorses, lobster, flying fish and turtle. I’ve also updated the original Anatomical Creatures pattern, which includes a bat, frog, lobster and turtle.

The PDF patterns are all available as instant downloads from Etsy, with the bundled patterns priced at a lower rate:

And if you’d like to have a go at making the origami crab in the photo, follow this video tutorial by Craftygami.

Veg Box I, a collection of embroidered vegetables

There’s something about getting a box of fresh produce delivered to your door. Aside from supporting local farmers and eating in season, there’s an element of surprise to it (even if you picked the contents beforehand) and anyone who doesn’t enjoy getting a delivery, well…


These are the first of what I hope will be many more embroidered vegetables – I can already see them on tea towels and kitchen walls. They actually make good embroidery samplers and beginner projects, too, with just a few different stitches in each design.

The PDF patterns are available individually as instant downloads from Etsy:

There’s also a bundled pattern with all five designs in one at a reduced rate, called Veg Box I.


Each pattern also includes two different sized printable recipe cards – one 4x6 inch card and another 5x7 inches – with 10 cards featuring five different veggie designs in the bundled pattern. These are standard recipe box sizes, but you can easily resize them to suit your needs when printing them out.

Anatomical Snail, for gardeners and animal lovers

You wouldn’t think a snail would inspire another Anatomical design, but the spiral shell, criss-cross skin and frilly foot were begging to be stitched.


Adding buttery yellow and soil-rich charcoal to the colour palette gives Anatomical Snail a fresh, modern look. And a variety of stitches to create texture adds depth to the shell.

I think this might be one of my favourites in the growing range of Anatomical creatures designs. The PDF embroidery pattern is available as an instant download from Etsy.

Note: Bluprint is making changes and as a result, I’m not able to upload any new patterns to my Bluprint shop for now.

Anatomical Flying Fish, an exotic and unusual embroidered sea creature

Flying fish bring to mind old seafaring novels of adventures on the high seas. They’re quite exotic and unusual creatures, but fun to embroider having scales as well as wings.

There are some raised stitches in Anatomical Flying Fish, to add texture and interest to the embroidery. And the colours are a combination of vibrant and delicate, to mimic the brilliant flashes of the scales as well as the translucency of the wings.

It’s a fun addition to my growing range of Anatomical creatures embroidery designs and the PDF pattern is available as an instant download from Etsy.

Note: Bluprint is making changes and as a result, I’m not able to upload any new patterns to my Bluprint shop for now.