120 Embroidery Stitches

120 Embroidery Stitches is a how-to guide for hand embroidery that can be saved on to your smartphone, e-reader, tablet or computer for easy reference. The high quality means you can also print it out and bind it into a paper book, if you prefer.

The stitches are grouped into eight families based on how the stitch is done and you can progress through each chapter, adding to a previous stitch or stitching technique to learn the next. The stitches range from the basic to the unusual and there are eight accompanying samplers to help master the stitches from each chapter.

The ebook and sampler patterns are available in four different packages: 

You can read more about 120 Embroidery Stitches and the accompanying sampler patterns here

"Congratulations on a beautiful, handy, clear, comprehensive and inspiring guide! I will refer to this over and over. I can take it with me (the PDF is clear and small) and the diagrams are so easy to decipher ... Makes me reach for my needle and thread - with confidence! Thanks for creating this excellent reference." – Cindy, Facebook/email

"Beautifully detailed, great for beginners." – Nadya, Etsy

"Yay! So happy to finally have all the stitch instructions on my phone. This guide includes a few that I couldn't find in any of my stitch encyclopaedias (Palestrina stitch comes to mind) and I wasn't able to understand online. Surprisingly, I realised that I have been doing my stem stitch wrong all this time ... no wonder it always turned out iffy. So, now I can have a project with me everywhere I go, and have my pdf instructions and my pdf stitch guide on my phone ... Absolutely love the convenience of this PDF book." – Tiffany, Etsy

"I am loving learning new stitches and following your very clear illustrations!" – Martha, email


embroidered home

Embroidered Home (Kyle Books) contains more than 60 projects to embroider and sew for your home. It includes a how-to stitch directory, easy-to-follow instructions and an introductory section on embroidery basics.

The book is split up into projects to suit different home decorating styles – coastal, vintage, bold Scandi-inspired, modern country, contemporary, floral and festive for seasonal decorating – that are suitable for embroiderers and home sewers of all skill levels.

Embroidered Home is also available in Finnish under the title Kirjottu kissa (Makela). 

Read an excerpt from Inspirations magazine's review of Embroidered Home here

You can read more about Embroidered Home and see inside pages on Amazon UK.  It's available from most major booksellers.

"Full of fresh, modern designs worked with simple stitches and appealing colours, it offers a fabulous collection of ideas for embellishing a variety of homewares ... None of the designs are overly complex and they all have a lovely, clean spare vibe that is very contemporary and appealing." – Inspirations magazine, Australia

"I rather like her pared back, deceptively simple surface embroidery designs. There is nothing in this book which could be described as fussy ... This book’s strength is the quality and simplicity of Kelly’s designs. I also like that she uses such a variety of stitches." – Erica Marsden, Auckland Embroiderer's Guild

"Oh Kelly, I love this book so! I just moved across the country from Texas to New York and have been trying hard to get my sewing room unpacked and back up and running. This book is just what I needed for inspiration and motivation! I love Kelly's designs, they're so fresh and have just the right mix of simple and sophisticated, not fussy. As usual, very good instructions and the photos are beautiful." – Yummy, Amazon


Stitch It Yourself

Stitch it Yourself by Petra Harms (Droemer Knaur, Germany) is a collection of hand embroidery projects by 14 designers from around the world. I contributed two projects: a whale notebook cover and some world traveller luggage tags. There are also fish, cats, ice cream, softies, sushi, tea cups, pouches, festive hoop art and more. The designs range from super easy to a little more advanced, but nothing overly complicated, and the layout is fresh and inspiring. It's in German, but most of the projects can be figured out without reading the instructions.


Stitch: The Complete Guide to Handstitching & Embellishing Techniques

Stitch by Margaret Rowan "is the book which contains everything you need to know about hand stitching and embellishing". I contributed the fourth and final chapter to the book, a directory of around 150 embroidery motifs, including an alphabet of monograms. It's available in the US under the title Handsewn: The Essential Techniques for Tailoring and Embellishment.