Hi. I’m Kelly Fletcher, a needlework designer and author who grew up with needles and thread, fabric and yarn.

I began embroidering regularly about 14 years ago and my first pattern, Celtic Stems, came out in 2009. It has been one of my most popular designs.

Today, I create editorial content for magazine, book and kit publishers worldwide, design hand embroidery patterns for my online shop and am the author of Embroidered Home, a book of embroidered and sewn projects. I also give the occasional workshop.

I favour creative surface embroidery for its freedom of form and flexibility when it comes to stitch innovation. I’ve used 120 embroidery stitches so far in my designs, evidence in itself of my fascination with stitch structure and how they can be used and modified to create contemporary designs.

So many stitches are beautiful and interesting to work that the embroideress who is prepared to abandon the unimaginative use of stem, chain, satin and petit point will soon find how richly she is rewarded.” – Barbara Snook, author of Embroidery Stitches (Batsford, 1963)